Introducing Jo Tantum – our sleep expert!

I would like to introduce another of my ‘Panel of Experts’, Jo Tantum. I first met Jo last year at one of the Baby Shows and together we decided to impart her knowledge, expertise and experiences to our audience. As a Mum, I am pretty sure that at some point in your young child’s life you will question whether you are the only other person awake at 3 o’clock in the morning – it can be a lonely experience and feel like it will never end! Jo is not here to judge, just to advise and make us all think. If it works for you and helps you and your little one, then that is a bonus! Over to you Jo …

Hi , My name is Jo Tantum, I am a leading Baby Expert and specialise in Sleep and Twins. After working with parents and little ones for over 24 years I have helped thousands of parents worldwide. You may have seen me on ‘Live With Gabby’ as their Baby Expert or in Prima Baby Magazine where I write every month as their Sleep Expert.

I will be offering my top tips on how to get your baby sleeping better, either nap times or night-time, how to introduce flexible routines and working out which one your baby would naturally be on. And of course, the jewel in the crown, how to get your baby sleeping through the night!

I offer lots of support to all parents through email and my phone advice line, I even come to your home to ‘rescue’ you for 2 hours , 24/48 hours or longer if you need me. I also have my best-selling book ‘Baby Secrets’ that will guide you through the first 6 months. Also, I have my gorgeous new Sleepytime products which include a hair/body wash, massage oil and room aroma. All natural, no nasties, with calming organic essential oils to help establish a blissful bedtime routine.

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5 thoughts on “Introducing Jo Tantum – our sleep expert!

  1. I so need your help I have messed up big time with my youngest I co sleep with him he still wakes for bottles and he will be two in may talk about me not letting him grow up xx

  2. I have a 2 year old who still wakes frequently in the night he had vitamin d deficiancy so was waking with growing pains, he is now on multi vits which seem to have helped with the pains but he still wakes at least twice in the night :-(

  3. Touch wood all of mine have always been good sleepers however I am going to be breastfeeding for the first time come July so it might be a different story this time round so would be good to read up on different methods so I am prepared as such.