Rain, Rain….Go Away!

Koolsun is a website which sells everything you need during the Summer months….and more. Under the ‘and more’ comes the category of ‘Raincoats’ which some would argue are essential during the summer months in the UK. For some time I have been perusing their website, full of colour and life so when I was asked to review their new raincoat I jumped at the chance, particularly as it’s been designed by them. I love products which are not worn by every Tom, Dick and Harry (although my Harry is OK of course!). This coat was designed by Rachel, the owner. Rachel wanted something which was bright and colourful – a theme I feel runs through most of their products.

I was sent the Koolsun Rain coat a couple of months ago to review with Harry, my youngest. Although Harry is 3, we were sent a size 2 as he is small for his age. We have been using it ever since and it has become a firm favourite with Harry and myself (and Grandma too!). Having seen the coat on the internet, I thought I knew what to expect. However, the pictures really did not do it justice. I really like the design (only available in two colours, blue for a boy and deep pink for a girl). Lots of people have commented about the coat and I have to admit that I secretly like that!

The coat itself is very well made and the stitching well finished (my personal bug-bare). It is warm without being bulky and of course waterproof – we have tested this as we live in England! It is also windproof – thoroughly tested on the North Norfolk beach during December – my parents were cold, yet Harry was oblivious and didn’t once moan despite the chilling breeze coming off the sea. At the back it is contoured out slightly which stops him from getting that inevitable gap where a coat rides up on their waist (especially when building sand castles on the beach in the middle of winter). The sleeves are adjustable which is ideal for Harry as he’s a bit of a ‘stick’. However, with mittens, you can still tuck them into his sleeves easily. As many of you are realising, my boys are ‘outside’ boys so it’s been through the ‘mud test’ and the ‘wash test’ and has come out with top marks. On the whole it’s wipe-clean so the odd splash and it’s easy to rectify but there are times when a damp sponge is just not good enough. I love the fact that it has reflective strips on it. This has become more of an importance to me since my oldest started school. We often have to park on the edge of a country lane where there is no path –so being seen has suddenly become more of a priority. Harry calls it his ‘Flective Coat’! One of the features that I like the most is how soft it is on both the inside AND the outside. So many rain coats are ‘crinkly’ and annoy little ones around their necks. This one doesn’t thank goodness.

So – would I buy this coat?

At £25.99 I think that it sits alongside many similar coats. It’s not ‘bargain basement’ but then again the quality reflects this. Yes – without a doubt, I would buy this coat for its softness and added features such as the contoured bottom , adjustable sleeves and reflective strips on the chest, back and sleeves.

Take a look on our website on the COMPETITION PAGE and you could WIN a Koolsun Raincoat – in either pink or blue! Competition will run from 15th-21st January 2012….Good luck everyone!



7 thoughts on “Rain, Rain….Go Away!

  1. Is it a sweaty coat as all the waterproof coats I’ve tried made my kids sweat and they get really uncomfatable? Xxxx

  2. Hi Jo,
    No, I haven’t found it to be sweaty at all. The inside has a very soft brushed cotton lining – Harry ‘runs’ everywhere and so far he’s not got sweaty! I know what you mean about raincoats though – they are usually sweaty and crinkly and noisy! This one is lovely!

  3. it looks lovely! and you cant complain at that price for a good quality raincoat especially with the use it’ll get in this country it is a shame theres not more choice of colours though would love some brighter colours x

  4. Maybe a little more expensive than I would usually buy but looks like they are worth it.